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The BDF Team

Meet the Barking Dog Farm team


Gavin Rosier

Barking Dog Lead Farmer: Gavin has multiple years of experience working in both organic and regenerative row crop farming and a knowledge of Microgreens production. Gavin's main interest is investigating how small livestock can be effectively integrated into both row crop and vegetable farm production. 


John Wayne Plumley

Barking Dog Farm Apiologist: After graduating Automotive Technology School John spends his spare time providing maintenance support for the farm. Additionally, he has some experience building and maintaining bee apiaries.


Gabby Rosier

Barking Dog Director of Social Media and Outreach: Gabby is a human mom of 2 and a dog mom to 4. Born & raised in Montana, her family recently relocated to South Florida where she is enjoying her new community. Growing up she's always had a green thumb and a love for all things plants & gardening.


Carl L. Rosier PhD

Barking Dog Farm Director of Operations: Carl has extensive experience working with both conventional and organic farmers. He is greatly interested in developing small farm operations that support local food needs. In addition to holding a PhD in soil microbial ecology, Carl is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and currently training for his Organic Certifiers License. 

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